1. When the lab calls to tell me at 7 AM to tell me the specimen they’ve had for 2 hours is hemolyzed


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    if you don’t have time to hike to the highest point of the earth and get purified spring water from the monks of the highest order to make elder flower mint enemas to douche out your anal cavity, store bought are fine



  3. When the E.R. nurse says my 89 year old patient passed a swallow eval and they get to the unit and they’re like

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  5. "The Witch of the Waste is searching for my house. The truth is, I’m a coward. All this junk is just sorcery to keep her away."

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    My anaconda don’t want none unless you got


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    Su: We’re pinned down!

    Lin: I’m gonna draw her fire. You take her out.

    Su: Lin, no!

    Lin: I love you. [Touches her sister’s cheek. She runs from the rock and leaps to the terrain.] Come and get me, you Third-Eyed Freak!

    One of my favorite moments from Book 3. I really admire Lin. She’s willing to take the risk to protect her loved ones.